Shaving Tips from our Master Barbers

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Getting the Most from your Shaving Products in the New Year.


We asked Emmanuel, our Master Barber from Orlando, to share some of his grooming tips, along with a special prediction for 2014.

What beard style do you predict to be the most popular in 2014?

I believe that the most popular beard style we will see in 2014 is the well-groomed full beard. The full beard is a classic expression of the male beard. The traditional full beard connects all the hairs of your face: your upper lip, across your cheeks, down your sideburns, around your mouth and over your chin.

Why is it necessary to prepare the skin? How much Pre-Shave Oil is needed?

The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil can help improve razor glide and prevent you from applying too much pressure when shaving. The increased razor glide can provide more control to 'arch' the desired shape of your beard without compromising the results. In terms of how much to use, a little goes a long way. A dime-sized amount is usually sufficient. If you have dry skin or a very thick beard you can use a bit more.

How much Shaving Cream is needed for a full clean shave?

Use a badger brush when applying Shaving Cream to help spread an even coat on your skin. As with Pre-Shave Oil, a little goes a long way. When applying, wet the brush with warm water, put a dime-sized amount of shaving cream on the brush and use a circular motion to lather up. If you find the cream to be too thick and not lathering easily, simply use more warm water in the brush. There should be enough Shaving Cream left on your brush for a second pass of your razor.

Share some of your shaving tips. What techniques can be used for different hair types?

As you shave, I always recommend short, light strokes with your razor. This is a 'chiseling' or shaping method. This is especially good for grooming your beard because it allows you to shave without going too deep into the beard line and ruining the shape. To prevent irritation, follow the grain for the first pass, then shave against or across the grain after lathering up for a second pass.

My favorite razor to use is a straight razor because it works well whether you have thick or fine hair. It makes 'carving' lines in the beard easier to accomplish. Try to maintain at least a 30-degree angle when using the straight razor, and never lay the razor flat to the face because this creates friction.

How can you protect the skin after shaving?

Applying a quality After-Shave can help return moisture and soothe the skin. Not using an After-Shave Balm may leave your face feeling dry and itchy. When your face itches, you are more likely to scratch and bring bacteria to the skin from your fingernails. This can lead to irritation and redness, and is especially true in the colder months when the skin can easily over-dry. Using a little bit more balm during the winter months can prevent itchy, dry, or flaking skin.

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Tips to beat the heat and keep your skin healthy this summer.


We asked Hugo, the Master Barber at our University Town Center location, to share his tips on beating the heat and keeping your skin healthy during the summer months.

What tips do you have for men who will be spending a lot of time outside this summer, but who still want to keep their face stubble-free?

Keep your skin moisturized and protected after shaving by using an After-Shave Balm. I also recommend using our moisturizer throughout the day. For those who want a lighter moisturizer, Ocean Kelp After-Shave Lotion is a great alternative to the Balm.

Is shaving every day harmful for your skin?

Shaving daily can have a negative effect on the skin if not done properly. Using The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave helps greatly reduce irritation, razor burn, and ingrown hairs.

How can you eliminate ingrown hairs if your facial hair is thick or coarse?

Exfoliating with our Facial Scrub and keeping your skin moisturized will help to reduce ingrown hairs. When you do need to remove a hair, use a pair of sterile, fine-tipped tweezers.

When shaving, how should you treat skin that has been irritated by the sun?

Use short, smooth strokes and little to no pressure. Shaving against the grain, even if part of your normal shaving ritual, should not be performed to allow the skin some time to heal.

Do you have any tips for men who shave their heads?

Make sure the skin is stretched, and use short strokes to reduce the chance of nicks or cuts. Follow the direction of the hair first before shaving against it.

Do you have any other summer skin care or shaving tips you’d like to share?

Summertime always brings with it a good amount of heat. Keeping the skin on the face moisturized will help the skin feel rejuvenated and fresh.


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A 4th generation Master Barber shares his summer travel tips.


Summer is just around the corner and as you make your vacation plans, let 4th generation Master Barber Mir give you advice on what to pack.

Ocean Kelp Pre-Shave Gel

I recommend using our Ocean Kelp Pre-Shave Gel before every shave. It softens the hair on your face for easier removal and it is gentle. This refreshing and invigorating Pre-Shave Gel is water-based and has a very light texture, with the summer heat in mind. The lightweight formula hydrates the beard hair, and helps maximize glide. It also prepares the beard for a close, comfortable shave. The result is less irritation and razor burn. It is ideal for all skin types and won’t leave an oily residue.

Rose Water Hydrating Toner

Rose water is a fantastic product brought to us by nature. Use our Hydrating Toner after every shave and spray a liberal amount on the face and neck.

Our Rose Water Hydrating Toner is made from rare, rose essential oil distilled from the finest, freshly picked rose petals. It helps to lightly moisturize the skin after a shave and leaves you with a cool and fresh feeling – especially with summer coming along. A little trick of the trade is to put the Toner in the fridge to keep it chilled, which gives an even fresher feel.

Unscented Travel Kit

I recommend the Unscented Travel Kit to all summer travelers. Compact, easily accessible and sized to meet TSA standards, the Travel Kit is ideal for anyone who already utilizes our wonderful Full Size Kit but needs a travel friendly set. Equipped with a smaller handcrafted Badger Brush, you will have everything you need including Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream and After-Shave Balm products to achieve The Perfect Shave®. As a nice addition, you will also get a razor strap that will hold onto your weighted and balanced razor.

Ocean Kelp After-Shave Lotion

Does your skin get rough and dry after shaving?  I recommend using Ocean Kelp After-Shave Lotion which is a great method to hydrate and refresh skin after shaving.  Our naturally sourced Ocean Kelp After-Shave Lotion has a pleasant fragrance and hydrates your skin to minimize the effects of shaving. I personally use this lotion myself on a daily basis even when I’m not shaving! It is great for the musky summer heat.

After-shave Mask

Using a mask will probably be the lengthiest process in your regimen.  After cleansing your skin either before or after a shave (whichever may be more comfortable for you), apply a thin layer of mask over your face and let it dry for 3 to 5 minutes.  Try to keep from moving your facial muscles during this time, as it may crack the mask.  Afterwards, simply take it off with warm water, and follow up with a cotton pad and rose toner if desired.


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Get Your Skin Ready for Spring


The winter months can be very harsh on your skin, so let Master Barber Nelson guide you on how to get your skin ready for spring.

The weather is usually drier during the winter months, what are some ways men can prevent their skin from drying out?

  • Moisturize more frequently. Use a little extra moisturizer on the dryer areas of your skin.
  • Avoid harsh cleansers. There are some cleansers with a high detergent content that can be irritating and can lead to chapped hands, dermatitis and dryness. Replace these cleansers with more natural, low detergent products to prevent drying out skin.
  • Practice healthy skin care habits by using products which help with normal to dry skin. I recommend using a mild facial wash and a light facial scrub to remove dead skin and most importantly a moisturizer to soothe skin.

How important is skin care in keeping skin smooth and healthy?

The daily care and maintenance of the skin is an essential process in which we maintain not only a clean face for shaving but it also helps improve the look and feel of the skin which can get damaged by free radicals in the environment.

What tips do you have for men who are suffering from dry or irritated skin?

Dry or irritated skin can be caused by insufficient sebum production, the natural production of our skins oil. Try to stay away from alcohol based products or any astringents that can strip your skin of sebum. Use moisturizers that are rich in emollients to replenish moisture. For irritated skin, try to use mild soaps and hypoallergenic products that are free from synthetic dyes and alcohol.

Do you have any tips for men with sensitive skin?

For sensitive skin, nothing should be too hot, too oily, too dry or too harsh. Use moisturizers which are soothing and calming. During skin care, use cleansers that contain natural essential oils such as chamomile, lavender, or jasmine. Try to use mild soaps and hypoallergenic products that are free from synthetic dyes and alcohol.

What are the top 3 products you would recommend?

I would highly recommend The Art of Shaving moisturizer. It contains a unique blend of essential oils which helps nourish and hydrate all skin types. One of my favorite products especially during these dry winter days would have to be our after shave balm. I recommend using it not only after a shave but also as a type of moisturizer on dryer areas. I apply the after shave on my forehead or around my nose and cheek bones. The after shave contains shea-butter that helps moisturize and soothe the skin. The one product I have to say I can’t use more of is the hydrating toner. I recommend the toner to be used at any time. I am a huge fan of this product because of the soothing and fresh feeling it leaves. The toner helps rehydrate the skin using rose water.

Do you have any other advice or tips you would like to share?

The best time to moisturize is right after cleansing in the morning and at bedtime. When selecting the best skin care products try to stick to more natural ingredients which work best in harmony with the body’s natural functions and cycles.


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Shaving Myths Exposed


Adam has been a barber for 22 years and a Master Barber for 16 years. When he isn't tending to his clientele in South Boston, he helps to train new barbers at The Art of Shaving.

What are some of the most common mistakes you find that men make when shaving?

In my experience, I find that men rush through the shaving process and they are not educated in the proper technique. The ritual of shaving has been around for centuries and many advances have been made since. The Art of Shaving is a guide to lead men on the path to The Perfect Shave. Some of the most common mistakes I find are as follows:

  • Lack of preparation
  • Using too much pressure when shaving
  • Using an old blade
  • Using inadequate products
  • Not using post shave care products

What are some questions that you ask to help guide men to a better shaving experience?

  • When do they shave ie: before, during, or after the shower?
  • What is the pattern of beard hair growth?
  • What is their skin type?
  • What products do they currently use?
  • What razor do they use?
  • What problems do they have after a shave?


Many shaving issues can be solved by using The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave. Prepare, Lather Up, Shave, and Moisturize.


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Master Barber Tip

A Master Barber's Experience with The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave


How often do you recommend someone use the complete regimen and what are the benefits?

I recommend usage of the full regimen with all four elements to all of my clients who have never experienced our products. There are several great benefits that the full regimen can provide, including enhanced razor glide, increased protection from nicks and cuts and an overall closer, more comfortable shaving experience.

How long should shaving with the 4 elements take for someone at home?

The only addition to the normal routine is a quick application of the pre-shave oil prior to the shave and after-shave balm after the shave. The entire routine can take as little as 3 to 5 minutes.

What are some of the improvements you have seen in clients when they start using The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave ®?

The results I’ve seen from clients never cease to amaze me! I have witnessed many outcomes, including an overall reduction and elimination of razor bumps, redness, razor burn and trapped hairs. I have also seen an increased appreciation for grooming on a frequent basis due to the increase in comfort.

What advice do you give your clients to help them achieve the perfect shave?

1. I recommend shaving during or after the shower. The steam helps prepare the skin for shaving and helps make the beard hair a little easier to cut.
2. Really pay attention to the direction in which the hair grows when applying pre-shave oil. Shave in the direction of hair growth first. If a closer shave is desired, RE-LATHER, then shave lightly against or across the direction of hair growth.
3. Use a properly weighted and balanced razor. This will provide a smoother razor glide and help to minimize razor burn. Be sure to change your blade after 3-5 uses, or when you feel it tugging at your beard as you shave.
4. Rinse with cool water, and then apply our alcohol free after shave balm. This will help close hydrate the skin after your shave.
5. Use the hydrating toner after shaving prior to application of the after-shave balm, or anytime throughout the day! This product will leave your skin feeling fresh and revitalized.

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Master Barber Tip

Achieving The Perfect Shave ® is effortless with the right tools


What are your "must-have" accessories for a wet shave?

The Full Size Kit, which contains a Pre-Shave Oil to prep the skin, Shaving Cream to provide a cushion between the skin and the blade, and After-Shave Balm to help heal and hydrate.

What are the benefits of using a shaving brush?

It's important to the use the shaving brush to help deliver warm shaving cream to the skin. The heat softens the hair and helps expand the skin. Also, by applying the shaving cream with the badger brush, you actually exfoliate the skin. So the skin is warmed up, the facial hair is soft, lifted and prepared for the blade.

What advice do you give your clients when trying to decide which type of razor is right for them?

Any quality razor, such as the Mach3 or Fusion, will do an excellent job, but it's the preparation of the skin using the The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave ® that will help you achieve a close and comfortable shave.

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Master Barber Tip

A good handle and proper technique are keys to The Perfect Shave ®


Michael's tips on how to select and use your razor

When choosing a razor, select one with a good weight and balance to maximize stability and control. On your next shave, try shorter strokes, this allows for less build up and a smoother pass. Shave with the grain first, and for an even closer shave, re-lather and shave lightly across or against the grain. You can also try a power razor, as they glide smoothly over your face when shaving. After your shave, try using a razor stand, it's ideal for proper maintenance and storage of the razor between each use.

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Master Barber Tip

Prepare your skin before your shave


Steve's tips on how to Prepare for The Perfect Shave

Properly preparing your skin and beard before a shave can lessen irritation and help prevent nicks & cuts. Shave in or after your shower as steam opens pores and brings moisture to the skin. Hydrate your beard: softer hair = less work for the blade of your razor. Use a protective layer of shave oil - it improves how the blade glides across the skin and can help lessen irritation. Don't worry, the oil doesn't remain on the skin after your shave.

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Master Barber Tip

A good lather enhances your shave


Boris' tips on how to create a good lather

A good lather enhances the shave as it helps you avoid issues like irritations and nicks and cuts. Boris' favorite is the Silvertip Shaving Brush. Boris recommends you use hot water to open pores, as brushes retain water and bring heat to the skin. Create fast circular motions with your shaving brush to build a rich lather and lift facial hair. Also, use a Shaving Brush Stand to store your brush. It's ideal for drying, and maintains your brush between each use.

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Master Barber Tip

A shaving brush helps provide a Perfect Shave


Boris' reasons for using a shaving brush

Most men don't use a shaving brush in their daily routine, but those who do are happily surprised by the close, comfortable shave it provides. Boris prefers the Silvertip Shaving Brush because it has a lot of hair, which helps retain heat and creates a rich lather. Using a shaving brush on your next shave lifts hair giving you a closer and more comfortable shave. The rich lather created by using a shaving brush, which is essential to help avoid irritation and even helps exfoliate the skin.

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